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Business Plan

More and more often it is necessary to make plans to support investment projects, medium and long term financing or Projecy Financing.


The competences to set up such plans are not always present inside small and medium companies or the time necessary for daily activities does not leave any room to realize such analysis. But it is still necessary to make them to give trustworthiness to development projects.

wwCONSULTANTnet is right the solution. We are able to realize industrial plans for SMEs, while sustaining them in all the development phases.

In this field is also our experiences to assist for Project Financing. Its philosophy is the one to involve private investors and the financial market (banks) in projects to find a way to take profit from a public asset, that will stay unused for the cronical lack of public funds.

Among these projects we give particular interest to renewable energies (photovoltaic, eolic, bioenergies, hydroelectric, etc.). Our support extend also in finding the right partner which is able to realize, desing and obtain all permissions for the entire setup and build of the installation.


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