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To sail in the stormy waters of the competitive markets of the 21st century, need to implement a set of tools to assure the right course for the company, to prevent eventual cliffs and to prepare itself in advance for emergency manoeuvre.

A controlling system is fundamental to reach the strategic goals that a company has set up for itself on the market. A classical system for planning, monitoring and corrective actions is only the first step toward the control of the enterprise. Today is fundamental to understand your profitability in each business segment, the efficiency in production trhough standard product costs and the resulting deviation analysis, the financial impact and the control of cash flow till the very innovative techniques of EVA and Balance scorecard.

Our company is setting up for you the most modern tools to mantain the control of your business and to increase your results.

wwCONSULTANTnet is offering full collaboration to design and implement the controlling model, but also in the training of the people involed in the whole process.


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