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iPhone and iPad apps

Our company is also dedicated to develop iPhone and iPad applications to help our customer.

In this period of great turbolence we have developped Euribor an app very fast and effective to display Euribor® and EONIA® interest rates.

If you are a CFO or a private banker or a bank manager you would have it.

Here it is a sample of the app:

You can see last two days rates (rates are always updated at 12:00 CET with a delay of 24 hours) and a quick view of the variations. The Euribor® displayed goes from 1 week to 12 months.

Then we developed Leasing Calculators  to simple calculate monthly leasing payments ant to forecast your cash flows.

You only need to insert a few datas to get the calculation right in your hands.


Our next app is Mortgage Calculator, that let you calculate your mortgage payment. The payment is on a monthly based.

You can only insert few data and the calculation is done. You can use sliders to simulate variations according to interest rates or duration variations.

Our last creation is the Libor set of applications, each one displays a different rate (USD, GBP, CHF and JPY).

Here you can find the screenshots of the apps:


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